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But, thank you!

At Edmonds waterfront: When a 5-year old boy started to clamber up on a 3-foot tall cement dividing wall near a restaurant, his mom commanded,  “No, we’re not going to climb on that right now.” Then, in a patronizing and gratingly cheerful,  but oddly mechanical...

Are you going to behave?

A father accidentally banged an oversized car cart into a grocery checkstand. The five-year-old boy inside was startled into tears. His dad, probably feeling embarrassed and guilty about upsetting his kid, sternly told the boy to stop crying. When the boy continued to...

Say, “Thanks, Mom!”

At a coffee and ice cream shop in Edmonds, two little boys and their mom were eating ice cream. A middle-aged couple walked in and ordered coffee. While they waited for their orders, the youngest boy, who was around 1-1/2 years old, caught the man’s eye and...

That child needs a spanking!

When a young child on the other side of the grocery store began crying loudly and angrily, an elderly woman waiting at the check stand said, “That child needs a spanking!”